Environmentally Mismanaged, the Damage is Showing
These photographs were taken in August 2001 and show how bad management of the conservation area is causing damage to the henge in the wood below.

In the photographs the field is shown with grass cut over half the area, culverts which were designed for controlling runoff are filled in and show as dark lines in the grass.

There are photos showing the culverts filled with standing water as it can't drain away and there are actually bullrushes growing in the standing water. The field was covered in woodland up to 50 years ago and wasn't waterlogged until recently when conservationists took over management of the field. In recent years there are no wild orchids due to mowing of the grasslands and highland cattle overwintering in a fenced -off area. As orchids flower early in the year the new measures have wiped them out. A photo of a wild orchid taken several years ago is shown on the home page of this site.

The water no longer goes into the drainage system which was implemented during clearance in the 1950's, culverts feeding a stream alongside the wood. This now drains directly into the woods. As the henge is in the woods I have included photos of water damage to the henge.

There are photos showing the water's path into the woods over the filled in drainage channels, and some of the water making paths into and filling the ditches which are part of a structure that has lasted approx.3,000 years, but has been damaged to this extent over the last 50 years. Also included are photos showing where the wattle fences are being pulled apart, this is recent damage, presumably to allow bikers access.

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more....... Environmentally mismanaged