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Iceland and Ozone


Icelandic government and arms manufacturer Alcoa destroying Europe's last remaining great wilderness for an aluminium plant!

Search Thingy :Search several search engines with one click, also has length, volume, area, weight converters. For downloading files try.... - Free directory of websites who swap links with other websites

The Local Music Directory A directory of musician and music business website links organized by category

Julian Cope presents Head Heritage Julian Cope's website, good music and prehistoric sites at The Modern Antiquarian

Dom's Kefir site

kefir site

A page from Travellers Centre with positive ideas : Roma/Gypsies/Travellers in Europe: Section 3 Proposals and Recommendations

"We are an anarchist collective that cooks at events we want to support. We are predominantly based in Brighton but have cooked at events all over the country. We cook affordable, vegan, GM-free and mostly organic food. We don't aim to make profits and we don't pay ourselves. If you are organising an event you would like us to cook at please get in touch."

RESCUE - The British Archaeological Trust is dedicated to working for the rights of British Archaeology Website did show pictures (now unavailable) of Scholes Coppice and surrounding area before waterlogging of the environment and disappearance of trees from the "field"area, described flora and fauna which was found there. See here for comparisons and photographs of recent years

Stone Pages

Sacred Texts. "This is a quiet place in cyberspace devoted to religious tolerance and scholarship" --a brilliant site has great quantities of texts from many cultures which can be read online or bought on cd rom, here:

Ho T'u movement and Binary in the IChing

Pi-Dimensionality by G.R.Fox

Appointment with Power - a poem

prometheus Prometeus. Chernobyl "dead zone". Prometheus fire.

"This sculpture was in the center of the town, it was moved to the nuclear power plant after the accident.

It is Prometheus stealing fire from Gods and giving it to the humans... "

Elana's journey through Chernobyl Disaster area.

"Perhaps future archeologists will compare this town to Pompeii. The Soviet era

is forever preserved here - in the radiation that will last for many

centuries." Amazingly, Elena takes us on a motorbike ride to the power plant

and Ghost Town through strange countryside.

The Orange Revolution

Elena's first hand account of Ukraines election result.

Photo of Lightening

Fireworks photo's

First Venus Transit