Appointment with Power

Who told me of the appointment I had with power? How did I know it was that day and that time, I do not know. There was no invocation made.

It was a thought that had to be obeyed.

Why did I wear the dress of purple silk? I do not know how I knew that it was the right dress to wear.

I entered the place and stood upon the high point. I announced by this that I was ready to meet my destiny, but even of this I was not aware.

I heard the sounds that I most dreaded, low calls of unearthly canine voices. They were along the path upon

which I was treading. The bright day was sublime in it's beauty. It was as if the very first day, the first joyful

day of summer. I was at one with all around me. My heart was singing and I was free.

I changed my path in order to accomplish my task, to complete my journey. Into the wild wood I ventured - alone and undaunted.

There was the one who is not two, he is not two. He was waiting for me, hoping to suprise at the appointed time and place. There was no turning back.

I saw him first and his spell was cast upon me. Shining one, beautiful and light, I turned to meet his gaze but could not capture his vision. As in place after place, he was and was not, I walked the path, deeper and deeper. I held him in the corner of my eye and loved his beauty.

Then behind my right side he was horned and grey and tall with time within his eye, time of all ages, immeasurable, terrifying in his age and strength and power.

Close to my soul, near enough to reach I reached.

Into my being he looked and my naked self met his gaze and I breathed the essence of his being and gasping at his reality and power, I turned away to continue the journey I had begun.

Three paths lay before me and I chose the middle straightaway. It was the only way. It was the bridge, green as the centre of the rainbow. Upon either side waving dense green leaves, plants taller than myself ,and in them whispering voices moved, I heard the rustling of what I did not know, saw the ripple as he who is not two overtook me. I almost stumbled, almost lost the path.

I walked the rainbow bridge. He waited for me at the other side and shining and bright he led me to the gate, in place and place he was and was not.

I turned at the gate to bid farewell to the One who is not two and then rippling, riding on the wave the green fire came. Through all it passed and touched it's blessing and I was in it's path. Past me flew or rode the mighty one on wings or steed towards the lake and green was the sap in the leaves. I had been empty as a crystal cup and now was filled with spirit fire and joy of life. All was changed then and will ever be.

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