How to replenish the ozone layer

- maybe if anyone could or if anyone would:

Imagine a net, woven of spider-thin aluminium and you take it with helicopters and drop it over the north pole.


Because it's biodegradeable, in a few years it will have been taken into the general mismash.

But why would you want to do that?

Because it's reflective to light, it reflects heat, microwaves, and then the ice will grow..

the warm currents of the sea continue and life goes on

. "When aluminium is evaporated in a vacuum it forms a coating that reflects both visible light and radiant heat.""It is light, nontoxic (as the metal), nonmagnetic and nonsparking. It is somewhat decorative. It is easily formed, machined, and cast."


Some people think that it's ok to mine aluminium at the expense of terrible ecological damage.

How can any responsible group of people sanction the emissions that aluminium smelters give off?

It's treason surely for a government to wilfully destroy it's own country.

Look at what aluminium producers are doing in these links....

Behind the Shining: Aluminum's Dark Side An IPS/SEEN/TNI report 2001 "Aluminum smelters' emissions have a truly global impact. A recent study found that the industry emits about 1 percent of global emissions of man-made greenhouse gases. Smelter potrooms produce the industry's other main contribution to climate change: perfluorocarbons (PFCs). Smelters are responsible for 90 percent of all tetrafluromethane, and 65 percent of all hexafluoroethane emissions worldwide. These PFCs have global warming potentials that are 6,500 to 9,200 times higher than carbon dioxide."

Damned Nation"Costing over $1 billion, the Karahnjukar hydroelectric dam in Iceland is a hugely controversial project. MARK LYNAS / The Ecologist v.33, n.10, 1jan04 And the figures don't seem to add up either. The project's profitability was originally estimated on the basis of a high aluminium price. Yet prices globally continue to fall because of over-supply. One Icelandic economist has calculated that rather than being profitable the scheme will instead lose around $36m a year. In essence, the government of Iceland may find itself using taxpayers' money to indirectly subsidise aluminium production by a foreign multinational while destroying its own backyard in the process."

Saving Iceland

"It’s ALCAN the Aluminium Man

The Aluminium Man with the Aluminium Plan

For making lots of aluminium

Out of other peoples land!

Will this Man of Aluminium

Realize what he's done,

Once he's done what he is about to start?

He's got aluminium, but he's got no heart!"

Langisjór is one of Europe's most beautiful lakes (at the western edge of Vatnajökull) - Destined for destruction by Landsvirkjun and ALCAN.

“Why do we allow a handful of politicians to decide the fate and future of our heritage, that will be condemned by generations to come? How come we don’t have the guts and solidarity and wisdom to stop this madness?"

Gudmundur Pall Olafsson

Naturalist, author, photographer

Join our protest gathering in Iceland 21 July 2006.

“Kárahnjúkar!? It’s only gravel and sand.” Siv Friðleifsdóttir, ex-Minister of Environment



Stop the Icelandic government and arms manufacturer Alcoa destroying Europe’s last remaining great wilderness for an aluminium plant!

Be aware of the ‘master plan’ to ‘develop’ Iceland’s beautiful nature into a heavy industry hell servicing the greed of aluminium corporations!

It has already started. The Kárahnjúkar dam project in the Icelandic highlands is well under way... But it can still be stopped!

Alcan't in India is a solidarity group based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. It is aimed at supporting the residents of Kashipur, India in their struggle to preserve power over the development of their land and resources. Since 1994, the people of Kashipur have resisted (and so far prevented) the establishment of a bauxite mine and alumina plant - backed in part by Montreal multinational ALCAN - on their land.

So lets just recycle our soft drink cans and stop this stupidity

History's Greatest Disaster Has Begun Tuesday January 27th, 2004

"in an analysis of Atlantic ocean currents from pole to pole. Woods Hole has found that salinity levels are changing in ways that they have changed in the past leading to periods of abrupt climate change. Polar waters are becoming far less saline, meaning that the "heat pump" effect that draws warm water north is failing......................... "

"..............To reduce individual emissions dramatically, only a few minor lifestyle changes are needed: Replace the 20-year-old fridge with an energy-saver model. CO2 savings = 3,000 pounds. Send out one fewer 30-gallon bags of garbage per week. CO2 savings = 300 pounds. Leave the car at home two days per week. CO2 savings = 1,590 pounds. Recycle cans, bottles, plastic, cardboard and newspapers. CO2 savings = 850 pounds. Switch from standard light bulbs to fluorescents. CO2 savings = 1,000 pounds. Replace the current shower head with a low-flow model. CO2 savings = 300 pounds. Turn the thermostat down two degrees for one year. CO2 savings = 500 pounds. Cut vehicle fuel use by 10 gallons in 2003. CO2 savings = 200 pounds. Switch from hot to warm or cold water for laundry. CO2 savings = 600 pounds. If these steps were taken by just 20% of U.S., Japanese, Canadian and European inhabitants, world CO2 emission levels would drop to a point that the human factor would be vastly reduced as a source of global warming, and the upheaval that we now face would be reduced in its duration and effect, perhaps to the point that the world as we know it might be restored, not in our lifetimes, but with luck in those of our children. "

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