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wild_orchids_on_keppels_prior_to_culvert_filling Wild orchids grew on Admiral's field at Keppels prior to culvert filling

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In the Tao Teh Ching, Lao Tzu said: "Nothing in the world surpasses water in softness and weakness; yet, among things that attack the hard and strong, nothing can do a better job than water."

The Guiding Light of Lao Tzu - a New Translation and commentary on the Tao Teh Ching translated by Henry Wei


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Grid Ref: Easterly 439504, Northerly 395177 Location N53:27:07 W1:24:24

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Ariel view of Scholes Coppice and Keppels (or "Admiral's") field and 1930's map of same area.

Image produced from the www.old-maps.co.uk service with kind permission of Landmark Information Group . and Ordnance Survey


Holistic Fraternity website is from almost two decades ago, given to me free for life by Freenetname, who no longer exist. They were bought out by Madasafish and then Plusnet. Plusnet have honoured my original agreement which is a credit to them in this age of mundane materialism.

It was written in basic HTML and has accomplished it's original purpose and now is being revised and brought up to date to include more than one tiny island of Ancient Woodland.

In the near future we will be bringing you information about holistic healing and living. If you have anything relevant that you'd like including, please direct any enquiries to saparonia at gmail c o m - and in the Subject line please enter the words "Holistic and Listing"

The website was originally started to help to save an Island of Ancient Woodland and an Ancient Monument in Scholes Coppice, Rotherham UK. The woodland was originally ancient Woodland but trees were introduced used for coppicing and there was also a plantation of rasberry bushes at the bottom. These have mainly disappeared. Drainage culverts were installed effectively after the uphill area now called "Admiral's field" was cleared of trees and surface mined for coal shale by prisoners of war between the 1930's-1950's. Later, in 1998, these culverts were filled with pea gravel to redirect the stream when adjacent areas of green belt land were selected for development. A stream fed by the culverts originally ran through the wood and into the green belt land around Scholes and Thorpe Hesley. Before Admiral's field was mined it was part of the original Ancient Woodland as shown on the maps below

Recent filling of the culverts caused standing water and subsequent waterlogging and seepage in all downhill areas. The village of Scholes no longer has a cricket field. The original stream fed by culverts, engineered and controlled to bypass the earthwork and fed a wetland area at the bottom of the wood. This has dried up completely and the current wetland area is at the top of the hill on Admiral's field. The result of uncontrolled run-off downhill into the woodland and earthwork damages trees and erodes into new paths directly to the Ancient Momument.

I was informed by council managers and others during our meetings in the woods, that those trees which had been introduced into the Ancient Woodland, such as Beech, were going to be gradually phased out and the native trees encouraged. However, to remove any more mature trees in the wood below would cause increase in the waterlogging of young trees. The more obvious solution is to take out the pea gravel from the culverts as the original drainage system had worked from the time that the area was surface mined. Previous to the first clearing, large indigenous trees pumped the water out The Chestnuts planted on the Earthwork should be cut and the roots left in situ to prevent further damage and disturbance to the double ditches and central table.

Together with parallel campaigning in the villages of Thorpe Hesley and Scholes against the proposed development of green belt land, this website attracted attention of various bodies who were alerted to the need for the woodlands to be protected. The Ancient Woodland and therefore the earthwork, Caeser's Camp, is now under the care of English Heritage. This includes the estate which borders onto Scholes Coppice and the very large stately home previously of the Fitzwilliam family, Wentworth House.

The preservation of the area was the sole reason for beginning my website and I feel that it was successful. I feel that we encouraged the awareness of the intrinsic value of our natural surroundings. Sadly, a very rare wild orchid seems to have disappeared completely due to waterlogging, mowing and introduction of heather and Highland Cattle. On a brighter note, there was one possible sighting of a Pine Marten!

This domain is going to be gradually developed now to encompass a wider spectrum of holistic living. This is going to take some time and won't happen overnight as this is my hobby, not my occupation.

I'd like to thank all the people who helped, I'm sorry I took so long to say thank you, it was heartfelt all along

Unfortunately money that was donated by a grant was never used to benefit Holistic Fraternity or myself. I showed the forms to a friend who had helped in picking litter up in the woods. She said she would take the form for her partner to look over. This was the last I ever heard about it but they bought themselves a 4x4 and set up house together. I am asking for donations now as this website has been soley the work of myself, due to illness I can't work and am struggling to keep the site going. Friends who joined me came to clear away rubbish in the woods. All the contacting of various organisations was through my own efforts and no money was ever collected, earned or passed through my hands in this venture. It was and is absolutely non-profit and soley for the love of the woodlands and the prehistoric earthwork.


Ariel photo of Keppels Column and the Admiral's field at Keppel

Starmap of the Draco constellation fits over the Ancient Monument, ridges and surrounding area:

The Starman (Upon the Mighty Raging Sea)The SECOND Poetic and Epic Story of the Purple Man - 26 pages with illustrations

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